Milly Reilly

An avid reader, I’m drawn to character-driven novels that are sensitive to the details of day to day life and relationship dynamics, be they familial, romantic or friendships (especially the latter). Chimamanda Adichie and Zadie Smith are my heroes. I also enjoy comedy writing and non-fiction, and I have a particular interest in narrative non-fiction and memoir. If there’s social commentary, heart and humour involved, then so much the better.

I began working as Jo’s assistant last year, prior to which I was at First Story, a charity that sets up creative-writing programmes in schools serving low-income communities. I am a University of York English graduate, and I have a Master’s in Contemporary Literature, Culture and Theory from King’s College London. I’m known to get fixated on things, and if it’s not the book I’m reading or interviews with its author, then I’m probably looking for comedians I find as funny as Jemaine Clement and Brett Mackenzie.