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Little Deaths, Emma Flint, Picador crime novelLittle Deaths (Picador, Jan 2017)

July 1965, and the streets of Queens, New York shimmer in the heatwave. One stifling morning, divorced cocktail waitress Ruth Malone wakes to find her two young children are missing. After a short yet desperate search, the police make a horrifying discovery.

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare. But Ruth Malone is not like other mothers . . .

Surveying the empty liquor bottles and love letters that litter Ruth’s apartment, her perfectly tousled strawberry-blonde hair and provocative clothing, the detectives leap to obvious, convenient conclusions, fuelled by neighbourhood gossip and speculation. Sent to cover the case on his first major assignment – a lucky break – rookie tabloid reporter Pete Wonicke at first can’t help but make the same assumptions. But the longer he spends watching Ruth, and the more he learns about the darker workings of the police and the press, Pete begins to doubt everything he thought he knew. Ruth Malone is enthralling, challenging, impenetrable – but surely this doesn’t make her a murderer?

Haunting, intoxicating and filled with heart-pounding suspense, Little Deaths is an electrifying story about love, morality and obsession, exploring the capacity for good and evil in us all.

‘A phenomenal achievement […] A lightning-fast, heart-pounding, psychologically resonant crime novel that effortlessly transcends genre.’ Jeffery Deaver

‘Involving, atmospheric, and immensely gripping’ Sophie Hannah

‘Compelling […] the closing scene is a jaw-dropper […] This is absolutely absorbing literary crime fiction, perfect for fans of Megan Abbott and Sarah Waters. Look forward to more from the gifted Flint, who has revealed in interviews that she has been a reader of true crime since childhood.” Booklist, starred review

‘I fell fast and hard under the spell of this this lush, moody, film noir of a novel.’ Chris Bohjalian

‘Utterly atmospheric and with style to burn, Emma Flint’s Little Deaths is a novel that troubles and transfixes from its simmering first pages all the way to its searing final words.’ Megan Abbott

‘Pitch perfect… a thriller that keeps us guessing until the last page’ Ann Cleeves

‘I couldn’t put it down . . . So utterly satisfying, intriguing and brilliant that everything else falls short. I can’t wait for Emma Flint’s next book.’ Emma Chapman, author of How To Be A Good Wife

‘This taut thriller really shines’

‘Riveting’ People magazine

‘The magic of Flint’s book lies in its feverish, spellbinding, summer-sticky atmosphere. Couldn’t stop reading….’ Charles Finch, USA Today

‘It has been a long time since a novel captured a time and place as powerfully as Emma Flint’s shattering debut, Little Deaths… Flint goes where Mad Men dared not go’ Chicago Tribune

‘Her writing is by turns gutsy, involving and vivid. The story left an overwhelmingly poignant impression on me . . . a wonderful book’ ​Janet Ellis, author of The Butcher’s Hook

‘Little Deaths is a confident addition to the growing trend of novels about flawed, angry, hurt women navigating hostile social and intimate milieus that turn viciously punitive when those women rebel.’ Margie Orford, Guardian

‘Fascinating debut’ Alison Flood, The Observer

‘Electrifying and enthralling, this is crime fiction at its best.’ Attitude Magazine

‘Steaming with the heat of a New York July, Little Deaths is redolent of 60s noir…(a) fascinating debut.’ The Observer, Thriller of the month

‘An excellent debut.’ The Times, Book of the Month

‘Exceptional writing by a first-timer.’ The Sunday Times

‘A subtle portrait of a woman in extremis, and of the men who judge her.’ The Times Literary Supplement

‘It’s an absorbing, seductive read; I absolutely loved it.’ The Irish Times

‘Mesmerizing.’ The Washington Post

‘Spellbinding, beautifully written and very moving.’ Daily Mail

‘An absolutely gripping debut. Emma Flint spins a lyrical tale of horror and suspense in the vivid and thick atmosphere of 1965 Queens.’ Beth Harbison, New York Times bestselling author of Shoe Addicts Anonymous

‘Deeply moody and moving, Little Deaths embodies the role of women in the sixties, especially those who dared to deviate from societal norms.’ Mary Kubica, New York Times bestselling author of The Good Girl and Pretty Baby.

Little Deaths is a stunning feat . . . Ruth Malone’s descent into hell is written with the pace of a thriller and the rich detail of a historical novel.’ Jane Casey, author of the Maeve Kerrigan series of crime novels

‘I loved Little Deaths. Ruth is an unforgettable character and I can see the movie in my head now.’ Sam Baker, author of The Woman Who Ran

‘Completely engrossing and beautifully written.’ Cathy Rentzenbrink, author of The Last Act Of Love

‘(It) had me pinned to my sofa as the tension ratcheted up to almost unbearable levels. Murder, sex and obsession married with flawless writing and a tight, fast-paced narrative that doesn’t let up make an impressive top notch debut.’ Fanny Blake, author of House Of Dreams and Women Of A Dangerous Age, Books Editor of Woman & Home

Little Deaths is a thing of beauty and wonder. Gripping and shattering. Ruth’s story will stay with me for the rest of my life.’ Erin Kelly, author of The Poison Tree and Burning Air

‘A gripping read that is at the same time deeply real. A beautifully written and realised debut. I absolutely loved it.’ Kate Hamer, author of The Girl in the Red Coat

‘(An) affecting, achingly beautiful debut…This stunning novel is less about whodunit than deeper social mores of motherhood, morals, and the kind of rush to judgment that can condemn someone long before the accused sees the inside of a courtroom.’ Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

‘This accomplished debut novel will intrigue fans of both true crime and noir fiction. Flint…is a welcome addition to the world of literary crime fiction.’ Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW

  • longlisted for The Bailey’s Women Prize for Fiction 2017
  • longlisted for the 2017 Desmond Elliott Prize
  • longlisted for the Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger Award for best crime novel of the year
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