Shelley Harris

Photo by Cath Harries

Shelley Harris was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1967, to a South African mother and a British father. She left South Africa in 1973 because of her family’s opposition to Apartheid, and moved to Flackwell Heath in Buckinghamshire.

After taking a degree in English at Southampton University, followed by an MA in English and History at Reading, she worked as a local reporter on the Maidenhead Advertiser, specialising in film reviews. She lived in Paris for a year, a stone’s throw from the Musée Beaubourg, on the 6th floor of a skinny townhouse, in the smallest flat she’s ever seen, after which she spent five years teaching English and Media in secondary schools.   More recently, she was a happy volunteer at her local Oxfam bookshop, matching books to readers and shamelessly collecting material for her second novel.

When she is not writing, Shelley seeks out salted caramel in all its forms.

Twitter: @shelleywriter

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