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Almaz Ohene


Almaz Ohene (she/her) is a Freelance Journalist writing on representation, diversity, inclusion and sexuality – with an intersectional focus – for a range of leading publications, including British Vogue, Campaign, Stylist and VICE. 

She is the Founder of ‘Kayleigh Daniels Dated’, a web platform combining raunchy stories with informative health features to encourage and normalise free and frank discussion about sexuality.

She is part of the Decolonising Contraception Collective – a community interest group working within sexual and reproductive health – and is also a Sexual Health Education Facilitator with the School of Sexuality Education (formerly Sexplain), an independent organisation running inclusive and comprehensive sex ed workshops in schools.

Almaz is also a classically trained violinist and has appeared on stage, national television and at music festivals with several London collectives.

Agent: Milly Reilly

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