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Anne Booth is an established children’s writer and has a degree in English from the University of York, a Postgraduate Diploma in Pastoral Theology, an MA in Children’s Literature from Roehampton Insititute as was, and an MA in Creative Writing from Canterbury Christ Church University. 

She also had a Blue Peter Badge and a letter signed by John Noakes, Valerie Singleton and Peter Purves, along with a Windy Miller Alphabet Book she was awarded as a prize for cheerfulness when she was 5, but has lost them. She lives in hope that there will be another small miracle and they will turn up again. She has done many jobs, including washing up in a restaurant, working as a tour guide in a haunted Almshouse, bookselling, teaching English in Italy, sessional lecturing at university, running music and art activities in a residential home, and being a long term carer for elderly parents.

She is married with four children and lives in Kent. 

*Jo represents Anne for her adult novels. For enquiries about Anne’s writing for children, please contact Anne Clark Literary Agency. *

Her first novel for adults, Small Miracles, about three nuns who win the lottery was published in Aug 2022.

Agent: Jo Unwin

Books by Anne Booth

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