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Becky Holmes



Becky Holmes is the creator of, and voice behind, the popular Twitter/X account @deathtospinach where she takes great joy in wasting the time of internet fraudsters and the men who randomly send her photos of their bits.

Becky’s first book, Keanu Reeves Is Not In Love With You: The Murky World of Online Romance Fraud, was enjoyed by far more people than she expected. She’s therefore decided to carry on with this writing lark, which seems to take the form of pacing around her flat, covering the wall in Post-it notes and then typing words to make sentences which she decides she doesn’t like.

When she isn’t trolling people online or drowning in an ocean of Post-its, Becky can be found accosting people’s dogs for a cuddle or staring at things she can’t afford on the internet. She lives in Stratford upon Avon, where there are, coincidentally, a lot of dogs to cuddle.

Becky is just an all-round marvellous individual with great hair.

And yes. Becky wrote this herself.

Twitter: @deathtospinach
Instagram: @deathtospinach

Agent: Jo Unwin

Books by Becky Holmes

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