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Chiron Cole

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Chiron Cole is a food photographer with a BA in Graphic Arts & Design and an MA in Acting.

From her largely unenjoyable acting career (with bit parts in Eastenders and Casualty that weren’t even nearly worth the drama school tuition fees) to capturing the intimacy and joy of mealtimes in her photography, her varied career has involved storytelling in different forms.

Chiron has always been openly food obsessed, until a health crisis, seven years of therapy and an ADHD diagnosis led her to reluctantly adopt a vegan diet.

Daunted and hungry, she anonymously penned the The Cynical Vegan blog (and later took to Instagram) to talk openly about the challenges of embracing tofu and the emotional rollercoaster of becoming vegan.

She is now writing her first cookbook to help her fellow food lovers navigate vegan life. 

Agents: Donna Greaves and Milly Reilly

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