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Elaine Gregersen


Elaine is a writer, podcaster, and academic. She grew up in Newcastle upon Tyne, where she spent her childhood finding solace in films she shouldn’t have been watching, like An American Werewolf in London and The Running Man. 

She qualified as a solicitor before joining Northumbria University. She is currently an Associate Professor with a specialism in storytelling as a research method. Her PhD explored the ethical implications of lived experience writing. She is a National Teaching Fellow and a former Law Teacher of the Year.

Together with her husband, Elaine co-hosts the pop culture podcast, The Honeymoon Period. They record live from their sofa when their four year old son eventually decides to go to sleep. 


Elaine’s creative non-fiction story ‘Mother’s Day’ was awarded the Honourable Mention in the 2023 Curae Literary Prize. 

Agent: Jo Unwin

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