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Jade LB


Jade is a London-based creative and academic writer. Her writing explores topics including black women and relationships, black British culture and the black British working-class experience.

In 2005, Jade began releasing chapters of her seminal work, Keisha The [Da] Sket, which she had begun in the same year, aged thirteen. Beginning on the platform formerly known as Piczo, and shared among young people, Keisha The Sket went on to become a viral modern classic of black British culture, pioneering both online serialisation and viral content, as well as youth-authored youth experience.

Keisha The Sket was acquired by #Merky Books and published in October 2021. It went on to win the Book of the Year in the Discover category at the 2022 British Book Awards. 

Jade has created and exec-produced Amazon’s +44 presents The Noughties podcast. This podcast takes you back to one of the most exciting decades for black music and culture with a nostalgic journey of the “Noughties”, joined by special guests who helped to define the culture of that era.


Agent: Rachel Mann

Books by Jade LB

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