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Jennifer Neal

Jennifer Neal

Jennifer Neal is an American and Australian author, journalist, musician, visual artist, and occasional standup comedian who has lived all over the world, but is based in Berlin (for now). Her work has appeared in The Cut, NPR, CNN, The Establishment, Gay Magazine, Atlas Obscura, The Willowherb Review, The Wellcome Trust, and Playboy, among many others. She has made TV appearances for CNN, which saw her dispatched to Southeast Asia by the late (great) Anthony Bourdain, and Deutsche Welle—for which she is a freelance producer and translator.

Her piece “In Search of Better Skies” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2019, and she is a 2021 MacDowell Fellow. Her first novel will be published 2023 with Catapult (US) and Penguin Randomhouse Australia. She can be found on Twitter, pushing out an award-winning selection of memes:



Agent: Milly Reilly

Books by Jennifer Neal

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