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Jo Cheetham

Jo cheetham

Jo became an unwitting feminist at the age of 7, when she saw The Benny Hill Show, and wondered why an old man was chasing women in underwear around a yew tree, while everybody laughed. She spent her childhood writing upsetting poems and drawing clothes on Page Three models with a Tippex pen.


As a grown-up, Jo has worked as a travel agent, a nanny, a food historian, a Christmas pudding maker and a mystery shopper on buses in Barnsley. More recently, she campaigned with No More Page Three and completed an MA and PhD in Art History.


She currently lives in the middle of nowhere in the North-East, surrounded by open fields, ground nesting birds and cold cups of tea she has made and forgotten about.


Her first book Killjoy: Taking on a Macho Media Empire and Winning is out in March 2023 

Agent: Jo Unwin

Books by Jo Cheetham

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