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Louise Lee

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Louise Lee was once a Geography teacher. When oxbow lakes no longer floated her boat, she took the next, natural step in her career progression and became a Private Investigator. Memorable cases include a high-functioning bigamist with three wives and six children, who was set to marry a fourth; and losing a target because George Clooney started chatting her up in a bar. Though she still does some sleuth work, she’s buggered what with her photo being so prominently on show to the left. A good job therefore she has taken the next, natural step in her career progression and become an author…

Louise is mother to one small girl-baby and one large boy-man. She undertook a MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck, and has had work commissioned by and broadcast on BBC Radio Four.

Her novel, A Girl Called Love, is the first in a series – In the Name of Love and A Whole Lotta Love come next. The books follow the cases of Florence Love, a PI who specialises in entrapment. If Louise’s mum is reading this, the books are in no way based on her true experiences. Honest.

Twitter: @louise_lee1

Agent: Jo Unwin

Books by Louise Lee

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