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Lucy-Anne Holmes


Many moons ago, Lucy started writing about her disastrous love life in a blog. Hailed at the time as ‘Bridget Jones with a rocket up her arse’ it caught the attention of some publishers. She went on to write four romantic comedy novels, the last of these Just a Girl Standing in Front of a Boy winning the 2015 RNA Rom Com of the year.

Having formed a bit of a habit of online oversharing, she then started to blog about her disastrous sex life. Rather unexpectedly, this led to a two and a half year campaign against Page 3 in the Sun newspaper and a pregnancy, both of which were successful.

Nowadays she lives outside London with a man and some children and has published an explicit memoir about sex and feminism with Unbound called Don’t Hold My Head Down.

Most recently she published Women on Top of the World, a collection of 51 first person testimonies by 51 women from around the globe, from all ages and from all walks of life. Searingly honest, they reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings during sex. The result is an incredible compendium of true disclosures that are funny and sad, shocking and tender.

Agent: Jo Unwin

Books by Lucy-Anne Holmes

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