Alexina Anatole

Alexina started her career on a trading floor in the City of London, but an obsession with food was always present. In the last year of her twenties she decided – after years of watching the show – that she was finally ready to enter MasterChef. Weeks of competing resulted in her reaching the final of the 2021 season, coming runner up to champion Thomas Rhodes. The competition led her to realise that she might actually have a talent for cooking but, more importantly, it helped her to better understand her philosophy around food and flavour. Having read English at Cambridge, she now finds herself becoming a food writer – and thus coming full circle.

Alexina is passionate not just about good food, but about how flavour appears across different cultures. As well as exploring this topic through her writing, she hopes to combine her business skills – acquired through her time as a strategy consultant at Bain and business unit head for Mindful Chef – with her passion for food to run a series of hospitality businesses in South London. Outside of food, she is a fan of the arts: in particular, music, art, ballet and theatre. 

Her debut book Bitter: The Missing Ingredient is being published by Square Peg in 2022.

Agent: Milly Reilly