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The Timewasters Letters Compendium (Audible, 2021)

Two ridiculously funny cult classics. Brought to you – together in audio – for the very first time. 

The massive best-selling Timewaster Letters books featured the wonderfully silly letters of Robin Cooper (a.k.a. Friday Night Dinner creator Robert Popper) in which he shared his madcap ideas – and even madcapper inventions – with everyone from the British Halibut Association to the Peanut Council. The resulting replies, as well as Cooper’s replies-to-these-replies, had a nation in hysterics.  

Letter-writing was never the same again…. 

And now, exactly 15 years, 5 months and 26 days after the first Timewaster Letters book hit our shelves, you can listen to these hilarious letters, as they’re brought to life in this Audible exclusive by comedy giants Dawn French, Peter Serafinowicz and Robert Popper.

The Timewaster Letters Compendium brings together The Timewaster Letters and Return of the Timewaster Letters along with exclusive audio content. There’s a new Introduction by Popper, a chat with Serafinowicz reflecting on the 20 years since Popper sent off his first fateful letter. Plus, a world exclusive – The Cement Murder Mystery, the first thriller story penned by Robin Cooper himself and read by Jonathan Keeble. We don’t want to make promises, but it might also be the worst-written story of all time.

You’ll also get to hear a selection of Popper’s world-famous prank phone calls, in which he poses as the hapless and hopeless Robin Cooper. 

The Timewaster Diaries (Sphere, 2008)

Rita fell down the stairs at twenty-two minutes past midnight.

Robin Cooper, author of The Timewaster Letters, turns his hand to diary writing in this hilarious new novel.

The year starts badly for Robin, who is fired for writing too many letters on company time, and for his wife Rita, who sprains her ankle (yet again). But Robin has a cunning plan – his marrying of the crossword and Sudoku into his devilish ‘crossoku’ – which might just make their fortune…

Return of the Timewaster Letters (Sphere, 2006)

In his 2004 bestseller The Timewaster Letters, Robin Cooper plagued everyone from the Campaign for Courtesy to the British Halibut Association with his bizarre and surreal written requests. In Return of the Timewaster Letters, he delivers another wonderful collection of his polite, persistent and peculiar correspondence.

Whether he is raising money for his nationwide hair-drying tour, booking a hotel room for his robot calf, or just trying to get rid of half a ton of unwanted herring, Robin’s imagination, as ever, knows no bounds . . .

‘Even funnier than the funniest book I’ve read’ Matt Lucas

The Timewaster Letters (Michael O’Mara, 2004)

For several years, Robin Cooper has been plaguing department stores, hotels, associations, fan clubs and a certain children’s book publisher with his letters.

From Prince Charles to the Peanut Council, Harrods to the British Halibut Association – no one is safe.

So who is Robin Cooper?

Architect, thimble designer, trampoline tester and wasp expert, Robin Cooper is all of these things – it just depends on the person he’s writing to…

‘So funny it will make you sick’ Time Out

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