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Wilf the Mighty Worrier is King of the Jungle (Quercus, 2016)

Meet Wilf. He worries a lot. He is a Mighty Worrier. And now his evil next door neighbour is taking his quest for world domination on holiday to Africa! Can Wilf save the day again?

Join Wilf on an animal-tastic jungle adventure, with laughs on every page and exuberant illustrations by the talented Jamie Littler.



WilfAlien smallWilf the Mighty Worrier and the Alien Invasion (Quercus, 2016)

Meet Wilf. He worries about everything. He is a Mighty Worrier. And now his next door neighbour Alan, the most evil man in the whole world, has decided he wants to be the most evil man in the whole UNIVERSE, with the help of his new rocket ship.

When Wilf discovers some angry aliens from Mars in his back garden, he can tell that Alan’s trip to outer space has not gone well. Can Wilf get over his fears long enough to help the aliens fight back?

Join Wilf as he travels into space for his most out-of-this-world adventure yet!

wilf pirate

Wilf the Mighty Worrier: Battles a Pirate (Quercus, 2015)

Things Wilf was worried about before:

1. Lion dentists.

2. Creepy crawlies wearing wigs.

3. Marmite.

Things Wilf is worried about now:

4. The most evil man in the world.

5. Anyone called Alan.

6. Alan deciding to become a pirate and destroy the world.

Alan is Wilf’s self-styled evil lunatic next-door-neighbour. He has a grumpy robot sidekick and a silent right-hand-dog, Kevin Phillips. He is ridiculous. But when Alan decides that pirating is an excellent way to destroy the world, Wilf knows he will have to overcome his fear of parrots and walking the plank to stop him…

Repro_WilfSavesTheWorld_cvr1Wilf the Mighty Worrier: Saves the World (Quercus, 2015)

Things Wilf was worried about before:

1) Stuffed animals. 2) Peanut Butter. 3) Creepy crawlies that have waggly feeler things instead of eyes.

Things Wilf is worried about now:

4) The most evil man in the world. 5) The most evil man in the world living next door. 6) Anyone called Alan.

When Alan, a self-styled Evil Lunatic, moves in next door with his grumpy robot sidekick and his silent right-hand-dog, Kevin Phillips, Wilf knows he will have to find a way to overcome his fears. And soon he realises: only he can stop Alan’s ridiculous yet still Quite Evil plan to destroy the world…

‘Wilf The Mighty Worrier could not be more charming or hilarious and I’m not just saying that because I’m a worrier myself who comes from a long line of worriers and wow, I really wish this sentence was shorter.  I am saying that because it’s true.  Georgia Pritchett is a marvelous writer who has written a marvelous book. Period.’ Julia Louis-Dreyfus

‘This book is worryingly good. A funny, original and inventive story that children and adults will love.’ Tracey Ullman

‘An enjoyable, […] highly recommended title for any readers ready for a ragtag-style adventure—or anyone who has ducks wielding peanut butter sandwiches on their list of worries.’ Ashley Prior, School Library Journal

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