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drop jacketDROP (Walker Books, August 2015)

I wasn’t always like this, I mean, I know what you’re thinking: druggie, junky, wreckhead, trashbag. But I’m not sticking needles in my arm or sleeping on the streets, or stealing to feed the habit. I’m not one of those. I’m just a normal sort of girl really, a bit shy, a bit sad, and there are little things that make me feel better for a while.

When Carla starts at another new school, all she wants is to slip in unnoticed. But Finn Masterson is not going to let that happen. He’s charismatic, confident and always late. There’s an instant spark in chemistry class and before long she’s top of the social tree, all eyes on her. And with popularity comes pressure. Finn’s no saint and soon Carla is sucked into his world of drug-fuelled all nighters and skipping school days.

Can Carla kick the habit and keep it together? Or will it all be over… in an overdose?

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