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Dressing up Dad (Oxford University Press, 2017)

Danny LOVES dressing up. So does Danny’s DAD! Whether it is pirates at a party or superheroes in the supermarket, they’ll dress up anywhere, at any time, whatever the occasion.

A brilliantly funny and uplifting celebration of dads and the importance of being yourself!

Perfect for kids aged 2+, this gorgeously illustrated picture book from the much loved illustrator of The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark is the perfect gift to share on Father’s Day!

cake-wolf-witch-jacketThe Cake, the Wolf and the Witch (Orion Children’s Books, 2015)

Max doesn’t believe in fairy tales. He doesn’t believe in happy endings either. So when, on the day of his dad’s wedding, he and his new brother and sister are whisked away to the Land of Happy Ever After, Max is not impressed. But the Land of Ever After is in trouble and they need Max’s help. Can Max be persuaded to go on a quest to save the fairy tale characters? And if he doesn’t, how will they ever get home?

‘Endlessly inventive. Joyously original’ Piers Torday, author of The Last Wild trilogy

‘Sondheim for 7+. A magical quest with heart and spark’ Amanda Craig

‘I LOVED this book […] I shall be recommending it to all 7-9 year olds I know’  The Reading Zone

Best Friend ProjectOpal Moonbaby and the Best Friend Project (Orion Children’s Books,  2012, new edition, 2015)

Martha’s decided that friends are stupid. Especially if they’re anything like Colette and Chloe. She never wants another friend. Ever.

But it’s the first day of the summer holidays, and there’s not that much to do… until she spots a strange little furry creature who leads her to Opal Moonbaby. Opal’s been sent down from her planet with a special mission: she needs to work out what on earth people are (and my goodness – people are strange) and make a friend. Can Martha help Opal make the Best Friend Project a success?

The first in a funny, warm-hearted series about friendship – and aliens!

‘A touching story deliciously tinged with magic’ Julia Eccleshare, LoveReading4Kids

Out of This World AdventureOpal Moonbaby and the Out of This World Adventure (Orion Children’s Books, 2013, new edition, 2015)

Opal Moonbaby is spending a year on Earth. A whole year! Martha can’t wait to take her to school, to introduce her to her friends and to recreate all the fun they had during the summer.

But things don’t turn out quite as expected and before Martha knows it, Opal is off making new friends, doing new things and throwing herself into life on Earth – and Martha can’t keep up.

The second in a funny, warm-hearted series about friendships – and aliens!

A real treat for the tween girl. Highly recommended’ The Book Bag

Summer SecretOpal Moonbaby and the Summer Secret (Orion Children’s Books, 2014, new edition, 2015)

Martha’s best friend is an alien. Opal Moonbaby can move things with her eyes, make popcorn fountains, and travel all over the world in her very own spaceship. Martha can’t imagine life without her.

But Opal’s time on Earth is almost at an end. They have one final summer together. So why is Opal acting so strangely all of a sudden? Can Martha discover the secret she’s hiding – and what will it mean for their friendship?

The third in a funny, warm-hearted series about friendships – and aliens!

‘ The final instalment in Maudie Smith’s sparky trilogy. Warm, believable…with Smith’s light, deft touch never failing’ Teach Primary

milly_mermaidsMilly and the Mermaids (Orion Children’s Books, 2014)

Picture book for 3-5s, illustrated by Antonia Woodward

It’s Milly’s first time at the seaside and she’s desperate to meet a real mermaid.  She makes up games to play with the mermaids, but they don’t appear. Just as Milly begins to give up hope the sea whispers, you never know, you never know, and then Milly finds a very unusual sea shell…

‘Luminously illustrated by Antonia Woodward, the promise of ‘extra sparkle inside’ is amply born out when Milly discovers the secret world of mermaids. […]. Is she dreaming? Ask any child lucky enough to possess this beautiful book’ The Independent on Sunday

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