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Reasons to be Cheerful (Viking Paperback, 2020)

Teenager Lizzie Vogel has a new job as a dental assistant. This is not as glamorous as it sounds. At least it means mostly getting away from her alcoholic, nymphomaniacal, novel-writing mother. But, if Lizzie thinks being independent means sex with her boyfriend (he prefers bird-watching), strict boundaries (her boss keeps using her loo) or self-respect (surely only actual athletes get fungal foot infections?) she’s still got a lot more growing up to do.

  • Winner of the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize 2019

‘Funny, charming, odd-in-the-best-way and gorgeously uplifting! A delight from start to finish’ Marian Keyes

‘I read all of Reasons to be Cheerful in one glorious gulp’ Caitlin Moran

Reasons to be Cheerful (Viking Hardback, 2019)

‘This made me laugh and broke my heart . . . Stibbe is one of the all time greats’ Daisy Buchanan

‘Stibbe is one of the great comic writers of our time’ Irish Times

‘Pitch perfect vintage comedy’ Guardian

‘Lives up to its title’ Sunday Times

‘Loved it! I so love Lizzie. She is brave and kind and funny and totally original . . . I couldn’t have liked it more (as I think Noel Coward said.)’ Katie Fforde

‘Another great from Nina Stibbe’ Kathy Burke

‘Very few writers can find the delicate balance between heartbreak and hilarity like Nina Stibbe’ Red Magazine

‘Comedy gold . . . Reasons To Be Cheerful is just the read you need right now’ Stylist

An Almost Perfect Christmas (Viking, 2017)

“My mother is not a foodie. But for as long as I can remember, once a year, she becomes possessed of a profound and desperate need to serve up a perfect roast turkey. Faced with a walk into the village though, she might think ‘oh, f*** it’ and decide to get a frozen one from Bejams on the 23rd and leave it to defrost in the downstairs toilet for not quite 48 hours.”

From perennially dry turkeys to Christmas pudding fires, from the round robin code of conduct to the risks and rewards of re-gifting, An Almost Perfect Christmas is an ode to the joy and insanity of the most wonderful time of the year.

  • Bookseller Book of the Month

‘The seasonal garnish we all need’ The Observer

‘A perfect book to dip into over the holidays’ Stylist

Paradise Lodge Nina StibbeParadise Lodge (Viking Paperback, 2017)

This is the story of Lizzie Vogel, a 15 year old girl who finds herself working in an old people’s home in Leicestershire in the 1970s. The place is in chaos and it’s not really a suitable job for a schoolgirl: she’d only gone for the job because she wanted a new phase and it seemed too exhausting to commit to being a full-time girlfriend or a punk. Lizzie has some knowledge of old people (they’re not suited to granary bread, and you mustn’t compare them to toddlers) but she doesn’t know there’s a right way to get someone out of the bath, or what to do when someone dies.

When a rival old people’s home with better parking and daily chairobics threatens to take all their patients, Paradise Lodge’s cast of staff and helpers, from the assertively shy Nurse who only communicates through little grunts to the son of the Chinese takeaway manager who’s renowned for his erotic handholding techniques, have to come together to save the home before it’s too late.

From the bestselling author of Love, Nina comes a story of being very young, and very old, and the laughter, and the tears, in between.

  • Shortlisted for the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize

Paradise Lodge cover

Paradise Lodge (Penguin, 2016)

‘There is a laugh out loud moment in every chapter. Paradise Lodge brilliantly captures the internal panic of a teenager’ Kathy Burke

‘You won’t find a funnier, more original confidante than Lizzie Vogel […] There seems to be nothing the author of Love, Nina can’t play for good-natured laughs and a sneaky touch of wisdom’ People Magazine

Paradise Lodge USA book cover

Paradise Lodge (Little, Brown, USA, 2016)

‘A perfect read’ Times

‘A humane, moving and very funny novel’ Financial Times

‘Comic romp about aging and belonging’ Vanity Fair

‘LOVE it! Instant classic – funny, wise, touching, entirely delightful’ Marian Keyes

‘A new Nina Stibbe?! Best day ever’ Emma Healey

Man at the Helm PB

Man at the Helm (Paperback, 2015)

Nina’s debut novel is a wildly comic, brilliantly sharp-eyed novel about the horrors of being an attractive divorcée in an English village in the 1970s, and a family’s fall from grace…

‘My sister and I and our little brother were born (in that order) into a very good situation and apart from the odd new thing life was humdrum and comfortable until an evening in 1970 when my mother listened in to my father’s phone call and ended up blowing her nose on a tea towel – a thing she’d only have done in an absolute emergency.’

Man at the Helm HB

Man at the Helm (Penguin 2014)

  • New York Times 100 Notable Books of 2015

‘All hail a book that’s funny!’ Barbara Trapido

[A] joyous read, full of wit and charm . . . I am already longing for Nina Stibbe’s next book’ Observer

Nine-year-old Lizzie (our narrator) is the perfect conduit for her creator, just the right mixture of childhood innocence and incredulity for the necessary deadpan delivery of Stibbe’s particular brand of comedyRead it and be charmed‘ Independent

Love, Nina PBLove, Nina (Penguin 2013)

In 1982 Nina Stibbe, a 20-year-old from Leicester, moved to London to work as a nanny for a very particular family. It was a perfect match: Nina had no idea how to cook, look after children or who the weirdos were who called round. And the family, busy discussing such arcane subjects as how to swear in German or the merits (or otherwise) of turkey mince, were delighted by her lack of skills. Love, Nina is the collection of letters she wrote home gloriously describing her ‘domestic’ life, the unpredictable houseguests and the cat everyone loved to hate.

  • Winner of National Book Award 2014

Love, Nina TV Tie-in‘I adored this book and could quote from it forever’ Nick Hornby

‘Funny and sharp: no book this year has made me laugh more’ John Lanchester, Guardian

‘The funniest book I’ve read in ages’ Sunday Times

‘An unassuming comic genius’ Independent

‘[lurches] between the hilarious and heartbreaking’ The Daily Express

Love, Nina (TV Tie-in, BBC1 Friday 20 May 2016, 9.30pm)

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