Dr Annabel Sowemimo

Photo by Verona Rose Photography

Dr Annabel Sowemimo is a Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) doctor and founder of community based organisation Decolonising Contraception (DC). She is a regular columnist for gal-dem and freelance journalist, writing for the Independent and Metro Online. She holds an undergraduate degree in Medical Anthropology and an MSc in SRH Research. 

DC is a community organisation formed by Black & people of colour working within SRH who wish to address the colonial history of SRH in particular, the unethical experimentation on Black & people of colour, and the limited narratives on their experiences.

Annabel firmly believes that healthcare should be about empowering people with knowledge to make informed choices about their bodies. She spends her spare time campaigning on reproductive justice, NHS cuts and improving healthcare of marginalised groups. When she is not in scrubs or in clinic, she can be found at a protest with a placard!

Agent: Milly Reilly