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Happy publication day to Candice Carty-Williams with her first YA novel: EMPRESS & ANIYA!

The first YA novel from the bestselling author of Queenie! When Empress starts at Aniya’s school, they’re not exactly best friends. But, when the two teenage girls accidentally cast a spell on their 16th birthday and end up switching bodies, they quickly learn that friendship is the most important magic of all. South London’s answer to ‘Freaky Friday’, Empress and Aniya is a moving portrayal of the importance of real friendship and the ups and downs of being a teenager.

“Honest, funny and heartbreaking, and uplifting all at once!” – Tanya Byrne.

“A genuine joy to read” – Bethany Rutter

“Candice has once again created characters that have been written with such sweet warmth and bitter truth that you cannot help but embrace them through the pages” – Clara Amfo

Empress & Aniya dazzles in three colours: pink, independent bookshop exclusive in orange, and the signed blue edition exclusive to Waterstones.


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