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Soraya Bouazzaoui


Soraya is a born and bred London babes raised on Jacqueline Wilson, R.L Stine and Malorie Blackman. Stories – in all their forms – are a central part of who she is and have been the sole inspiration for every personality trait she has ever adopted. She studied English literature at university, before deciding it was smart to add to her debt and do a masters in creative writing.

Soraya’s day job is book editing, and she has written for publications such as Stylist, Bad Form, Strategist UK and Metro. She has a column with independent magazine Aurelia, titled LITERAL HOTTIES, which reviews women and non-binary authors of colour. A lover of contemporary, commercial, SFF, horror and YA fiction, her head is full of nonsense and daydreams, but she likes it that way. 


You can find her tweeting about television shows, romance books and other things that don’t always make sense at @halalltakeaway.


Agent: Rachel Mann

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