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Stephen Tuffin

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Stephen is a working-class writer who was born on a council estate on the southeast coast of England. He has worked as a cook, a mini-cab driver, in psychiatric care homes, as a painter and decorator, a road worker, a carpenter, a teacher, and a lecturer – and other jobs besides. Some of them a bit dodgy.

His short and flash fiction stories have been published online and in print. He has written articles for the Mirror online and The New Statesman.

In 2021 he was one of 11 writers selected for New Writing North’s ‘A Writing Chance’ programme for underrepresented writers. His short memoir piece ‘Call Mum, Home’ was recorded by the BBC and read and championed by the actor Michael Sheen. Stephen is currently working on his first novel ‘A View from the Gasworks’ based loosely on his life on the estate where he grew up.

Agent: Jo Unwin

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