Jo’s Submission Guidelines


I’m looking for authors from the UK and Ireland, and sometimes Australia and New Zealand. Please note that I will only take on authors from the USA in VERY exceptional circumstances.

I accept email submissions: they should be addressed to

Guidelines for what to send, and how, below:


  • Please put your name and the title of your manuscript in the subject line of the email, followed by, in brackets, the type of book it is, for example Tom Jones,  THE DOGS (YA fiction).
  • Please send a personal but formal email ‘cover letter’ introducing yourself and work. Use this to give as much sense as possible of who you are and what and why you’re writing. Include an email address even if you submit by post.
  • Please attach a one or two page synopsis and the first three chapters ONLY of the manuscript. PLEASE IDENTIFY EVERY ATTACHMENT WITH YOUR NAME AND THE TITLE OF THE BOOK, FOLLOWED BY (SYNOPSIS) OR (CHAPTERS). Please don’t send lots of emails, or more than two attachments (ie synopsis and sample). If you’ve written lots of books, just choose one for me to focus on for the time being.
  • I can’t acknowledge receipt of submissions, I’m afraid – it’s just too time-consuming.
  • The manuscript and synopsis should either be in Word or PDF format and should be 1.5 or double spaced, and pages should be numbered.
  • Please don’t send an email asking if I’d like to see your work. If there’s nothing attached, I’ll just press delete (I know – but got to be cruel to be kind).

I’ll get back within 6-8 weeks.  Please only ‘prod’ me if you haven’t heard after six weeks, though do let me know if you have interest elsewhere. I’m afraid I can only give you feedback if I’m considering representation.

Please note that I do not represent works in translation.

Please do remember that the relationship between an author and agent is very personal, so you may write something fantastic that just isn’t for me. There are so many brilliant books that I’ll never read, bookshops are heaving with books that someone loves, but I’ll never get round to. So be as professional as you can, and try not to take rejection personally.